The selection procedure

    1. CV screening
      Within 10 working days after receipt of your application, your CV will be screened by our recruiters. They especially look at your (work) experience, studies, interests and hobbies, as well as any relevant knowledge of languages you may have.


    1. Screening by telephone
      If your CV contains enough positive elements, the recruiters will call you to make your acquaintance. During this telephone call, they will ask questions about your motivation and about why you think you are the ideal candidate. The interview by telephone takes approximately 10 minutes.


    1. Thalento test
      If the recruiters feel that your application matches their expectations, they will send you a link to a number of tests. You can expect abstract and cognitive reasoning tests, tests relating to speed, planning & organising, as well as an extensive personality test. You can complete these tests online. Note: you will have to complete them by a specific deadline. It’s not possible to prepare for these tests.


    1. Compass test
      If you pass the Thalento test, the recruiters will contact you by telephone to make an appointment for a Compass test. You will be expected at our head office at Zaventem, where you will be requested to take further tests on a computer. These tests take approximately 2.5 hours and include a memory test, a speed and accuracy test, a slalom test (with joystick and pedals!), an orientation test, a hand, eye and foot coordination test and finally a mathematics test. Our tips? Make sure to freshen up your skills in physics and mathematics!


    1. Human Resources Interview
      Have you passed the Compass test? Our recruiters will call you with the good news and will again invite you to the TUI fly head office at Zaventem for an interview. What can you expect? Questions about your studies, your personality, your motivation, your passion for aviation and your possible work experience. They will examine whether there is a match between you and the profile they are looking for. Obviously, they will also determine whether you meet the TUI values.


    1. The jury day
      A positive HR interview will be followed by the jury day at the head office of Zaventem. On this day, two pilots will be present, as well as someone from the Human Resources department. The jury day consists of a speed dating session with the three members of the jury.  In addition, you will have to solve a business case with two or three other candidates. In short: an exciting half day at which you have to be at your best!


  1. The feedback
    If the jury day went well, you can expect a telephone call from the recruiter and you can start the training. Depending on the type of programme you have chosen, you will start in September (Classic track) or October (Fast track).