Our people makes us number one

Together with our enthusiastic colleague around the world, you make sure that all our customers enjoy their holiday without worries. Together we create the TUI smile for each of our customers. And that smile is priceless!

Our colleagues make sure that we can be the number 1 of the tourism sector! That’s why we in turn encourage our people to be the best version of themselves. Every talent gets the chance to develop!



Our colleagues are all strong individuals, and we trust them. Everyone within our organisation assumes their own responsibility. We’re not resting on our laurels and are constantly working on change, trusting each other’s special skills, including yours!

The level you’re working on doesn’t matter: we all have an open and transparent attitude. Together we make sure we’re doing the right thing for our customers and colleagues.



Everyone’s unique, including you! In our team, we take full advantage of everyone’s particular strong points. For why would we ask someone to do something he or she isn’t very good at? We rely on our colleagues’ strengths to foster their growth. This way, everyone gets energy from his or her work.




Each and every day, our colleagues are motivated to contribute in their own way to our customers’ optimal travel experience. They have the best ideas, are a source of inspiration and help us to innovate and grow. Together we make sure we will become even better at what we do, as we pursue “the extra smile”!




Better holiday, better world

Being the number one in the tourism sector, we think it’s important to operate in a sustainable and responsible manner. We want to increase the positive impact of travel and limit the negative consequences. We limit the use of plastic on our flights and opt for sustainable solutions. We have also created the TUI Care Foundation, through which we contribute to the development of the holiday destinations.