Become a First Officer in 3 years and 3 months

Our experienced instructors will prepare you for your job as a First Officer of a Boeing 737 in 3 years and 3 months. The intensive theoretical and practical training makes sure you will learn all the intricacies of the job. The contents of the training is exactly the same as that of the Fast track. If you follow the Classic track, you will actually work at our company while you are in training. This will allow you to finance the training, you will receive a salary and you will be able to familiarise yourself with the ins and outs of the aviation sector.

What does the training involve?

The training includes 14 theoretical subjects (with a corresponding exam) you have to study. These subjects are: Airframe & Systems, Instruments, Meteo, Princ. Of flight, Mass & Balance, Communications VFR, Communications IFR, Flight Planning, General Navigation, Radio-Navigation, Airlaw, Aircraft Performance, Human performance and Operational Procedures.

The first year of training

  • September
    In the first month of the training year, you get acquainted with your new working environment and your position at TUI. Our employees will train you to become a fully-fledged member of a specific department.
  • October to May – ATPL Theory Part 1
    Seven out of the fourteen subjects are taught via classroom training and e-learning. Your knowledge is tested by means of intermediate and final exams. In the Netherlands, the EASA exams are organised via CBR.
  • June to September– Visual Flight Rules (VFR) Part
    During this period, you will be flying a Robin DR400 Ecoflyer for the first time. Together with your instructor, you will fly this one-engine environment-friendly 4-seat sports aircraft around Sint-Truiden. The purpose of these exercises is to allow you to learn how to manoeuvre.In the weeks that you’re flying, you will be working at the head office three days, you will fly three days and you will have one weekend day. In the weeks that you’re not flying, you will be working at the head office five days and you will have two weekend days.

The second year of training

  • October to May– ATPL Theory Part 2
    During this period the last seven subjects will be taught. You will again be required to take (EASA) exams.
  • June to September
    In this period you will again be flying a Robin DR400 Ecoflyer in and around Sint-Truiden. This time, the exercises will be focused on navigation. Approximately 20 missions will be scheduled, which is equivalent to approx. 30 flight hours.

The third year of training

  • October to January – ATPL Theory Part 2
    The third year of training focuses on flying a Boeing 737. The training is continued at Zaventem on a Venyo B737 fixed base simulator. This simulator is located at the TUI head office. Over the course of forty 4-hour sessions, you will not only learn all about the procedures of the B737 and TUI fly, but you will also be taught so-called “instrument flying”.During this period, you will be working at the head office three days a week, practice on the simulator for three days and enjoy one weekend day.
    Video on the installation of Venyo.
  • February to August – Aviation training
    During this period, you will be working for TUI fly and receive aviation training, which may be useful to you in the future in your job as a First Officer. You will take part in the wet drill, fire drill, safety and emergency training, crew resource management training, etc.

The fourth year of training

  • September–December: MPL Phases 3 & 4 B737 full flight sim + Touch & Go
    During the last months of your training, you will be learning about the last procedures on a full flight simulator. Depending on the availability of this specific simulator, you may be required to travel to Amsterdam. It is in this full flight simulator that you will take the official exam to obtain your license.After the exam you will perform a “Touch & Go”. This involves practice sessions during which you learn how to take off and land in a real Boeing 737 (without passengers). These sessions take place in Ostend.

What do we offer?

A team of experienced instructors is ready to train you to become a First Officer with TUI fly. You will be ready to take this step after having successfully completed a unique training of three years and three months.

As the training is offered on an in-house basis, the cost of the entire training is only € 35,000. During the training, you will also work as a regular employee. You will receive a salary that may help you pay the training and/or other costs.

What is included in this price?

  • Learning material and textbooks
  • Support from an experienced team of teachers and instructors
  • Classroom training and e-learning for ATPL and type rating
  • +/- 65 Flight Hours on a Robin Ecoflyer
  • B737 simulator exercises, including Touch & Go
  • B737 Type Rating

What do you have to provide yourself?

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Food & drink
  • Costs of medical examination


Who are we looking for?

In order to start the training, you have to meet certain requirements. If you do not meet the requirements, you unfortunately do not qualify for this training.

Our students:

  • are at least 18 years old when starting the training;
  • at least have completed a TSO training or a HAVO training, with a focus on scientific subjects;
  • master the language of the aviation sector, i.e. English, and are fluent in Dutch. Knowledge of French is a plus
  • are not colour-blind and their eyesight measurements do not exceed -4/+3;
  • understand the TUI values: Trusted, Unique & Inspiring;
  • have a passion for aviation;
  • are eager to learn and are easily able to process large volumes of study material.